Vet Help

PAH provides financial assistance for people facing unmanageable and urgent veterinary expenses for their pets. We pay directly to veterinary clinics and do our best to help as many animals as possible. Click here to see if your pet qualifies and complete the application form.

PAH’s Fixes! Spay and Neuter Program

PAH’s Spay and Neuter program provides critical funding to underwrite surgeries for homeless animals and those from low-income households. For details, click here.

Organizations You Can Contact for Assistance

We highly recommend reaching out to as many organizations as possible since grant amounts may be limited, and each organization’s funding will vary based on funds raised and requests in the pipeline.

Help Line

We are happy to be of assistance. A member of our staff will return voicemail calls within 24 hours. Please note this number is not a 24-hour emergency line. PAH does not function as a veterinary clinic or an animal shelter. Please consult your veterinarian and/or an emergency veterinary clinic for medical advice and questions. For a list of resources on our website, click here.

(650) 424-1901 

Providing a one-time grant of money to help pay for life saving medical treatment for pets whose caring, responsible owners are not able to pay for the care that will bring their pet back to health due to low income, personal crisis or disaster. Payments will be made directly to the medical care provider.

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society
The Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society is a registered charity in Alberta, Canada that is devoted to making cancer treatment for pets a reality. The Lucky Moffat Memorial Fund (in loving memory of a very special dog) was developed by ACTSS to ensure that all pets, can receive cancer therapies, regardless of their owner’s income.

The Brodie Fund
Offers financial assistance (through grants) to families who have pets fighting cancer.

Brown Dog Foundation
Offers financial assistance to families of pets with cancer that cannot afford entire treatment.

Canine Cancer Awareness
Offers veterinary care for dogs with cancer whose families are financially unable to provide treatment.

Cause FourPaws
Provides assistance for acutely ill or injured animals and created by the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, recipients are asked to pay 20% of all fees and provide 20 hours of community service at a Cause Four Paws local charity partner. Arizona only.

Companion Bridge
The Companion Bridge mission is to provide a loving and supportive community for people to connect share and assist one another on behalf of their companion animals. The Companion Bridge purpose is to address, educate, and provide online space to raise funds for people with either special needs companion animals or animals requiring significant financial medical attention that would otherwise be euthanized.

Diabetic Cats in Need
Provides one-time grants to low-income owners of diabetic cats.

Dylan’s Hearts
Our goal is to provide families struggling financially with the funds necessary to move treatment forward in emergency or critical situations for the animals.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP) (Meow Cat Rescue)
Seniors, people with disabilities, people who have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten—any of these folks may need financial assistance to save a beloved companion. The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companions when life‐threatening illness or injury strikes. See the Kobi Fund for Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS) only.

Fetch a Cure, Companions in Crisis
Provides financial assistance to families unable to bear the cost of the life-saving treatments for pets diagnosed with cancer.Serves ONLY the state of Virginia. Also see the Felicia Fund which provides assistance in Washington DC.

For the Love of Alex Inc
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the care and rescue of domestic animals with a primary goal of funding life-saving medical care for animals in need. Works with reputable veterinary hospitals to establish funds for families who are unable to afford veterinary care for their beloved pet.

Frankie’s Friends
Helping to save pets’ lives by providing grants to assist with the cost of lifesaving or life-enhancing emergency or specialty care for pets whose families cannot afford the full cost of treatment. Special funding may be made available to support the care of certified working dogs as well as rehabilitation of sick or injured wildlife.

Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet©
Assists active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans and their beloved companion animals or assistance service canines through various programs.

Handicapped Pets Foundation
The Handicapped Pets foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of elderly, disabled, and injured pets. We donate wheelchairs to pets in need.

Harley’s Hope
Financial assistance is offered as resources allow assistance with major or emergency veterinary care. Qualified candidates must complete the application.

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
A non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs.

Karma Sue
KarmaSue’s mission is to provide education, counseling, and financial support to Coloradan families that have companion animals living with cancer in an effort to honor the human-animal connection.

Land of Pure Gold Foundation
Gives grants of up to $1000 for cancer treatment of WORKING dogs (e.g., service dogs).

My Pet Child
My Pet Child is a project where you can find a list of non-profit organizations and veterinary hospitals that offer financial support to pet owners who are facing financial difficulties.

Paws 4 A Cure
Paws 4 A Cure is an all-volunteer 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance throughout the United States to those who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved furry family members. Paws 4 A Cure helps dogs and cats with all illnesses and injuries. Paws 4 A Cure does not discriminate against breed, age, or diagnosis.

Pet Assistance, Inc.
PAI provides emergency veterinary subsidies to pet owners in financial need. Grants are only given for pets that have a good prognosis, unless the knowledge we gain from the treatment or surgery may help future animals in need.

Pets of the Homeless
Pets of the Homeless is the only national animal organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless.

Red Rover Relief
The Red Rover Relief program provides financial and emotional support to Good Samaritans, animal rescuers and pet owners to help them care for animals in life-threatening situations and resources to help victims of domestic violence escape abusive environments with their pets.

Roses Fund for Animals
Rose’s Fund recognizes that it takes more than love to save a life, and all animals deserve a chance. They will financially assist, to the best of their ability, pet owners and Good Samaritans who have an animal with a good prognosis for a healthy life but are at a financial loss.

SAGE Compassion for Animals
Sage Compassion for Animals prevents suffering and euthanasia by providing financial assistance to families with companion animals in medical crisis.

Shakespeare Animal Fund
Assistance offered to those residing in the Northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe area. Offers assistance primarily to those on fixed incomes or with annual incomes below the federal poverty guidelines. It is a one-time grant.

STARelief and Pet Assistance
STARelief and Pet Assistance is a national 501c3 organization based in Stamford, CT. STARelief’s programs are designed to save pets’ lives, assist families in need, reduce the number of pets entering shelters, and advocate for responsible pet ownership.

Stymie K9 Cancer Foundation
The Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit foundation that raises funds for families in need of financial support for the cost of cancer treatment for their dogs and cats.

The Magic Bullet Fund
Magic Bullet Fund helps people who have made room in their homes and hearts for a canine or feline companion, but do not have the financial resources to provide cancer treatment.

The Mosby Foundation
The Mosby Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, to assist in the care of critically sick, injured, abused, and neglected dogs through financial support and public education.

The Murphee and Sugar Angel Foundation
Founded to alleviate financial strain on pet owners who care for critically ill animals.

The Onyx and Breezy Foundation
For medical care, spay/neuter, medications, etc., for either individuals or nonprofits.

The Pet Fund
The Pet Fund is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care.

The Pie Fund
The Pie Fund was created to make quality veterinary care available to companion animals in the northeast when their people cannot otherwise afford it.Focusing on pets with cancer, grants are made in cases where medical intervention has a good probability of increasing the length or quality of time that people and their animals have together, and where there is genuine financial need.

University of Georgia Annie’s Oncology Support Fund
Annie* inspired great acts of love and heroism and to assure that those qualities live on by helping others fight this terrible disease and maintain a good quality of life for their beloved pets. (*Annie was a beloved family canine companion.)

If you have a specific breed of dog, contact the national club for that breed. In some cases, these clubs offer a veterinary financial assistance fund. Here are a few websites for groups that provide financial assistance for specific breeds:


Doberman (special needs)

Great Pyrenees

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Pit Bull/Staffordshire Terrier


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