Thanks for visiting the PAHS donations page! There are so many ways to contribute, whether you make a monetary donation now, leave a bequest, donate your vehicle, or volunteer your time and expertise.

Make a monetary donation now

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Other ways to donate:

Leave an estate gift to PAHS.

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Bequests and estate gifts provide PAHS with the necessary stability for our humane work to continue into the future. Gifts can be provided for in a will or during the donor’s lifetime.

Contact Executive Director, Carole Hyde, or your financial adviser to discuss this option.

Donate a car

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Auction City will efficiently and quickly deal with your donated vehicle. Contact Auction City at 800-574-0888 or simply complete the Online Car Donation Form.

Business and corporation opportunities

Your sponsorship of the Palo Alto Humane Society will provide vital care to animals in need and education to families about pet safety and healthcare for animals. Help us in Creating Compassionate Communities. View Sponsorship Levels. Or for more information, contact Executive Director Carole Hyde.


We’re looking for help creating content such as photos, videos, and infographics; managing our social media, fundraising, and running events. If you’re passionate about helping animals in our community and ready to roll up your sleeves. Contact PAHS

The Daisy Fund

Established by a generous PAHS donor in honor of her beloved rescued dog named Daisy, provides assistance for animals whose owners cannot afford their pets’ urgent care and for stray pets in need. The fund prevents sick or injured animals from being surrendered to a shelter or euthanized for lack of means. Through the Daisy Fund, PAHS has been able to help many animals who otherwise would have gone without veterinary care. 

Donate to The Daisy Fund

Daisy Fund

What your donations do for PAHS

Your gifts are essential to the work PAHS does on behalf of animals. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, PAHS is funded entirely by donations, which are tax-deductible.

Your contributions support PAHS programs in:

  • Intervention, to assist animals in immediate need
  • Education, to foster compassion among people of all ages
  • Advocacy, to encourage humane practices among public and private enterprises.

Does your employer offer a matching gift?

Learn more about increasing the impact of your donation.