After the Fires: Looking Back

by Susan Stienstra It’s been more than a year since the traumatic Carr Fire in Shasta County and the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County. After a wet spring, we anticipated this past summer with apprehension. Walking outdoors, we scanned the horizon for smoke. The sound of a low-flying plane or helicopter would cause us […]

Remembering Daisy

Daisy was our family’s first dog. She was a stray who had recently given birth when she was picked up by Palo Alto Animal Services. We are strong believers in pet adoption because there are so many wonderful animals in shelters. We would not have felt right about finding our new family member at a pet store or a breeder. We visited three shelters in our quest to find Daisy.

Remembering Animals in the First World War

For the animals involved, the First World War was a calamity—a great killing, as it was for the humans and ideals destroyed in the fighting of 1914 through 1918. Sixteen million animals served in the Great War, not to mention the uncounted millions served up as daily rations to the armies. The centennial of the […]

What is a humane society without an animal shelter?

The mission of humane societies is to stop animal suffering and prevent cruelty. This is usually understood to mean operating shelters and providing animal control services. Animal shelters in the United States are responsible for between 6 and 7 million unwanted, abused, and excess pets every year. What does a humane society without a shelter […]