PAHS Partners with Little Veterinary School Summer Camp

On Monday, June 12, PAHS joined Little Veterinary School Summer Camp in its first meeting of the summer to introduce students to the concepts of kindness and humane behavior and care for others, our environment and the wildlife in it, and our pet animals. Camp sessions are held locally in Palo Alto (venues are Escondido Elementary and Cubberley Community Center). Campers range in age from pre-K to grade 5, and their driving interest is to learn about and interact with animals. They are exposed to the work veterinaries do and receive lab coats, journals, and stuffed animals. They also participate in sports activities. Each camp session lasts a week.

PAHS has continued to take part in the camp, joining in again on Monday, June 26, and we will contribute at the July 17, 24, and 31 sessions. The June 12 and 26 sessions featured presentations by PAHS Education Advisor Patty Hurley and Education Manager Leonor Delgado, followed by a screening of It’s a Dog’s Day and a discussion led by Chris Corvetti from Grassroots Ecology.

Chris’s dog Rin, rescued in Mongolia as a puppy when Chris was teaching for the Peace Corps, was definitely the “star of the show” for all the campers, making the rounds and stopping at each camper’s seat for petting and affection. In addition to learning all about Rin, the campers were exposed to what it is like to live and work in Mongolia.

If you are interested in sending your children to the camp, click the link in the first sentence to learn more about the program and related activities. We’d love to meet your children there!