Marlowe Makes His Debut at Critter Club!

Marlowe is the latest cat to join the crew at PAHS 2 PAWS, and his first classroom visit was to Beyond the Bell at Landels Elementary in Mountain View on Friday, May 26. He’s an older rescued cat who was accompanied by his person, Jaye Bergen, a long-time PAHS educational volunteer.

Marlowe was very happy to meet all the students following a discussion that emphasized kindness to all and especially to animals offered by Patty Hurley and ways in which community cat rescuers help abandoned and stray cats presented by Jaye Bergen and Leonor Delgado. Marlowe proved to be a perfect example of a contented cat—ears up, mellow and relaxed body language, tail up to show how happy he was, and bright eyes that winked at all. Everyone enjoyed meeting Marlowe and petting him!