K-9 Partner Odin Comes to Critter Club

Officer Doreen Hansen and her canine partner Odin, a 6-year old German Shepherd serving the Mountain View Police Department, joined PAHS staff, Board members, and volunteers at Theuerkauf Elementary School on Thursday, February 9. Officer Hansen and Odin were special guests to Critter Club, sponsored by the Beyond the Bellafter-school program and PAHS for second and third graders at Theuerkauf.

The themes for the day were safety around dogs and jobs done by service dogs—how they help community members in a variety of ways. Officer Hansen engaged the students in conversations about Odin—his training, his likes and dislikes, and the kinds of situations in which he works with the police to keep the community safe. The students were thrilled to meet Odin and have the opportunity to watch him at work and pet him.

Thank you, Officer Hansen and Odin, for providing important information, not to mention a memorable experience for all of us attending your session.