More about today’s court session in the ongoing Farmer trialUPDATE ON FARMER’S H…

More about today’s court session in the ongoing Farmer trial


Hello Everyone,

At today’s hearing involving Mr. Farmer, the case was set in regards to receiving the presentencing report that probation has been working on. Upon collecting and doing the report the probation officer has asked the court to rule on determining whether the defendant, Mr. Farmer should have to register as a sex offender under Penal Code 290. Judge Chatman had an in chambers discussion about the hearing that would be done that would assist in determining to her whether the defendant should or should not have to register as a sex offender. Due to lack of time and testimony by the SJ Animal Control Examiner, Doctor Ostermann and the defense psychologist, Mr. Winkle who interviewed Robert Farmer were going to be important to hear for this proceeding, the Judge continued the matter to April 7th at 9am Dept 39 where she would conduct the hearing with testimony being provided at that time. Judge Chatman has that as the only case on her calendar that day and may make a decision about sex offender registry that day or set a future date to give her time to think about it. Upon the judge ruling on the sex offender registry status, the probation officer will be able to complete the presentencing report and the case will finally be set for trial. Judge Chatman did provide her condolences to those that came and for there yet again being another continuance but voiced that she is taking this case seriously and wants to have the time to make a fair decision.

The second item that Judge Chatman addressed on record was on whom would be able to speak at the Sentencing. Judge Chatman ruled that the identified victims’ family member in the case can speak and/or have someone else on their behalf. The Judge also ruled those whose cats went missing in the Cambrian area from Sept-Oct 2015 could also speak and I have received a number already in regards to those that I will provide to the probation officer to reach out to see if they would like to make a statement.

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