The decision about Farmer’s sex offender status has been delayed until the sentencing date of August 14 at 9:00 a.m. Tomorrow’s hearing has been canceled.



I just received this information from Victim advocate Allison:
“Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am emailing you with an update on the Farmer case that is set for a court hearing tomorrow June 30th at 1:30pm surrounding whether the defendant, Robert Farmer will be ordered by Judge Chatman to register as a sex offender. Upon Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis appearing in court today to check-in with the department for tomorrow, Alexandra learned that the judge is not going to be hearing the case tomorrow at all. Alexandra and I would like to stress that this has nothing to do specifically with the case and it is just a scheduling issue. Judge Chatman informed Alexandra that she will decide on the sex offender registry at the sentencing hearing that is still set for July 14th at 9am in Dept 39. We regret to inform you of this information and apologize for any commitments people made to be able to attend tomorrow’s hearing. Despite the hearing tomorrow not happening the judge still maintains that sentencing will go through on July 14th. We will continue to let you guys know of any updates as we receive them. Please share this information with anyone and everyone else that had plans to attend tomorrow’s hearing.”

Thank you all for your support

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