Animal Advocacy

From its beginnings more than one hundred years ago, PAHS has advocated for the welfare and rights of animals. Through Special Reports on selected issues, stated positions on public policy and legislation, and campaigns to promote national, state, and local legislation, the Palo Alto Humane Society has helped give animals a voice.

Advocacy Campaigns

PAHS campaigns for and supports a variety of issues that impact the welfare of animals and the health of the environment. These issues include the most egregious cruelty to animals, such as circuses and traveling elephant shows, shark finning, egg production, and fois gras. For a list of issues PAHS has recently addressed, click here.

Legislation & Public Policy

Check PAHS’ analysis and positions on legislation and policy affecting the lives of animals. Go to
Legislation & Public Policy

Humane Planet

This informational program is intended to highlight the ways in which animals, people, and planet are interconnected and to suggest thoughtful actions people can take to promote animal welfare. Humane Planet provides information and resources for:

  • Humane Living Educating about human-animal relationships, problems and solutions
  • Humane Commerce Providing information and ethical options for “consumption”
  • Humane Eating Addressing the realities food sources, food options, and climate change.