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Humane Eating

Information and Resources for Dining with a Big Appetite and a Clear Conscience

Many components comprise what it means to eat humanely:

  • Treating animals humanely
  • Reducing or eliminating the consumption of animals and animal products
  • Considering the global impact of our food choices

Optimal choices for animals and the planet are also optimal for human health. As more people are realizing, keeping animals off your plate means keeping animals out of the slaughterhouses and turning your dollars away from the cruelty, confinement, and greenhouse gas-producing system of factory farming. Evidence continues to support the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s findings that animal agribusiness is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, eating fewer animal products promotes human health.

Making food choices that are friendly to animals, the planet, and human health is easier today than ever before. From the increasing popularity and quantity of farmers’ markets to the convenience of scrumptious vegetarian foods available on restaurant menus and in grocery aisles, many options are allowing for different choices to forge a new concept of and a new relationship with food

Below is a list of resources for ethical, local, and sustainable food sourcing options.

  • LISA’S COUNTER CULTURE: Returning to the roots of nourishing, ethical, sustainable food. Lisa’s is a virtual library for local, natural, real, and ethical food sources for the Peninsula.
  • REAL FOOD BAY AREA: From farm to table, From farm to table, Real Food is dedicated to providing local, healthy, sustainable, artisan foods delivered directly to your area.
  • EVERGREEN ACRES GOAT FARM: A true co-op. Purchase a (happy) “goat share” and in return you can receive raw goat milk, kefir, cheese, yogurt, soap, and other seasonal items such as eggs, vegetables, fruits, and special handmade seasonal desserts with goat milk as a major ingredient.
  • HAPPY GIRL KITCHEN: Food preservation Happy Girl is building a community of people who share their passion for food preservation. Their mission: to empower you through hands-on workshops and with deliveries of the local harvest in bulk quantities, enabling you to preserve that local harvest safely and affordably on your own. Happy Girl strives to promote local organic farmers and to help maintain a strong local economy and food system that is more sustainable for all of us.