About the Program

Please consider a donation to assist PAHS help these animals!

Your contributions are essential to support the work PAHS does on behalf of animals. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, PAHS is funded entirely by donations, which are tax-deductible.

The PAHS Employee Identification Number (EIN) is 94-1358297.

Your contributions help animals by supporting these PAHS programs:

  • Pet Help: This program provides financial assistance for people facing unmanageable veterinary expenses for their pets.
  • Animal Rescue Fund (ARF):  Animal Rescue Fund is for volunteers who face major veterinary costs for homeless community animals. Cases are assessed on an individual basis.
  • Spay & Neuter Fund: PAHS’ Spay and Neuter program provides critical funding to underwrite surgeries for homeless animals and those from low-income households.

Palo Alto Humane Society's Faces of hope


Chico became severely ill—he was vomiting and not eating. X-rays showed thread in his abdomen. Emergency surgery was performed and he survived!

His surgery was funded by our Pet Help program, which provides financial aid to people in need for critical cases for their pets.

Black and white kitten
Black and white kitten
Black and white kittens

Black and White Kittens

These kittens were rescued from a commercial property and hand-raised. They are all sociable and healthy cats! All were spayed and neutered in February, supported by the Spay & Neuter program through PAHS.

Please inquire at mountainviewcats@yahoo.com to adopt!


Apollo and Artemis

PAHS first heard about Apollo and Artemis from a phone call: “I’ve found a cat with a dangling leg!” The caller caught the 2 cats and transported them to a veterinary hospital. Apollo had a critically broken leg, and the doctor decided to remove it.

He is recovering well, and he and his buddy enjoy long snuggling naps with their wonderful foster mom.

Miss Salty

Miss Salty

Susan, PAHS’ Veterinary & Outreach manager, received a call from a very distressed person concerning her rabbit, Miss Salty. Susan is also a licensed Humane Educator with House Rabbit Society, so this call was in a way miraculous. She immediately referred Miss Salty to Dr. Stern, a specialist at Exotic Pet Clinic of Santa Cruz. Miss Salty was admitted for an emergency spay and hospitalization. She survived and is now recovering at home.


Blanquita was literally taken off the streets. She was thin and had injured paws. Her foster mom has provided wonderful loving care, with many trips to the clinic to help Blanquita with her many health issues. She is looking and feeling much better!

Her care is funded by the ARF program, which supports animals under foster care


Max had a broken paw and required surgery. Pictured with his doctor and veterinary technician at Burbank Pet Hospital in the first image, Max recovered fully.

He is a very happy boy now!

Paris with Lump on neck
Paris with Cone


Paris had a large cyst on her neck. Her people qualified for Pet Help, which provides financial assistance. Paris underwent a successful surgery at Silicon Valley Pet Clinic.

“Paris came home and she’s doing fine. Again thank thank you very much!”

Pepper and Salt

Pepper and Salt were both neutered courtesy of the Spay & Neuter program. Their person cleverly designed these “collars” from paper plates, since the kittens were still small!

As you can see, they are happy and healthy!


Lucy had a large mammary tumor. The doctor at Ark Veterinary Care did a great job with the operation, and Lucy recovered. Her surgery was approved by the Pet Help program.

Quote: “Thank You again for this. My mother is overjoyed! And grateful, we really thought we would lose Lucy Girl. Thank you soooo Much, and have a Merry Christmas , you’ve definitely helped with this miracle. “


Toby was admitted to Silicon Valley Pet Clinic with a life-threatening urethral blockage. He received immediate care and recovered. He is now on a prescription diet and specializes in long naps. The Pet Help program provided the financial assistance his people needed.


Mittens literally walked out of shrubbery and a kind person scooped her up. PAHS scheduled a same-day appointment for the kitten. She was treated for a severe flea infestation. And, her rescuer kept her! She now lives a happy and safe life indoors.



The Spay & Neuter Voucher Program helped Shino’s “mom”

Quote: “We just spoke on the phone regarding my needing help to spay my kitten. She is 6 months old. Her name is Shino. That would be so very helpful! Thank you so much.”



Kero was neutered courtesy of the Spay & neuter Program. “I really appreciate your help with this! Thank you so much for this voucher, I really appreciate your help!” – Quote from Kero’s dad


Coco (black dachshund) was neutered with assistance from the Spay & Neuter fund. He had his appointment and is now back to enjoying his soft bed and plenty of treats, please.



Speedy was treated for a recurring ear infection through the Pet Help program. “Thank you for your help!” – Quote from Speedy’s dad


Spayed courtesy of PAHS’ Spay & neuter Program

For more information, or if you have any questions about contributing to Palo Alto Humane Society, please visit our contact us page.