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Voice: Middle School

Kavi Bidlack and Justin Fann

Kavi and Justin are currently 8th graders at Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park.

In 2020 from February to March, Kavi and Justin worked together to interview Leonor Delgado and create a video about resilience.

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Adi Nikumbh

Adi (Aditya) has been an active volunteer at Palo Alto Humane Society. He has written in total three Student Special Reports and participated with Kitties 2 Kiddies.

All three of his Student Special Reports, “History of Wolves in Yellowstone,” “Examples of Invasive Animals and Plants Species,” and “Impacts of Coastal Development on Sea Turtles” can be found by clicking on the links in their respective titles above or by visiting our Special Reports page.

Sarina Fernández-Grinshpun

Sarina is currently an 8th grader at The Nueva School. She has participated in writing opportunities like Palo Alto Humane Society’s Telling Tail Tales, as well as the 2020 Ambassadors of Compassion Story Writing Competition, where they were nominated with an honorable mention.

Read Sarina's Tail Tales Story

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