Students Write About Their Volunteer Experiences with Animals

PAHS encourages middle and high school students to describe their experiences in volunteering to help animals in an autobiographical story format. We’d like these students to tell us why they chose to volunteer with animals and in which ways volunteering was a positive experience in the students’ lives. We’re also interested in the ways animals benefited from their contact with these students.

Read a selection of their Stories Below:

Resued by Magic

By Kasper Halvey

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By Natalie Wong

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Tyler and Admiral the Goats, Banksy the Sheep, and Ginger the Pig

By Sabrina Fernandez-Grinshpun

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Love Again for Animals

By Upasana Halder

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We’re All Connected

By Ankai Jin

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For more information about this program, contact Leonor Delgado, education and community outreach manager, at or (650) 424-1901