The Palo Alto Humane Society’s library features valuable information found at different Web sites and in original reports and papers addressing issues related to animals. Click the links to access the information online and download the papers. Or, if you prefer, you can visit us and read the reports in our office.


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Legal Issues and Morality

Legal Beagle: A Publication of the Palo Alto Humane Society for Attorneys and the Clients They Serve

The Moral Standing of Animals by Olga Lenczewska

The Moral Difference Between the Treatment of Domesticated Animals and Wildlife by Olga Lenczewska

The Discussion Around the Legal Status of Animals by Olga Lenczewska

Control of Homeless Cat Populations

Control of Homeless Cat Populations: California Humane Coalition Position Paper

Cat Overpopulation Problem at a Glance: Non-Lethal and Non-Punitive Solutions

Disaster Preparedness and After

Disaster Preparedness reports on preparing for natural and other disasters

Takeaways from the 2018 Wildfires by Kasper Halevy and the Animal Advocacy Club of the International School of the Peninsula Middle School, a report on the fires and organizations and agencies that intervene to help.

Wildfires Safety Guide

Vegan Resource Guide

We thank Stella Winter, a 4th-grade student from Vermont, for her interest in animal welfare and her research that led her to refer us to this page:
Vegan Resource Guide

What is Cruelty-Free?

A Guide to Cruelty-Free Beauty Shopping

Special thanks to Megan, from the Hampton Public Library in New Hampshire, for doing the research that brought her to this very informative site. Links on the site provide valuable information about compassion for animals and animal welfare.


Pet Care Manuals

Written by Kasper Halevy in collaboration with the middle school Animal Advocacy Club at The School of The Peninsula, these manuals offer insights on caring for our most common and popular pets, dogs, and cats. PAHS thanks Kasper and the club for their commitment to helping animals and the activities they promote to do so.

Dog Owner’s Manual

Cat Owner’s Manual

Pets: Adoption, Care, and Commitment (PACC)

Learn about pet adoption and the responsibilities of pet care through a series of videos produced for PAHS by Girl Scout Ambassador Kristen Benz for her Gold Award.

Pets: Adoption, Care, and Commitment (PACC)

Laws Protecting Animals

PAHS thanks Amelia, a student in the Kellytown Reading Groups’ animal welfare, rights, and advocacy project, for her research about animal protection laws. The site she recommends discusses current and applicable state and federal legislation protecting animals.

Animal Law 101

Puppy Mills

Read Kasper Halevy’s community service project for the International School of the Peninsula Middle School focusing on the harsh reality of puppy mills and the actions we as animal lovers can take to avoid supporting them as well as what has been done to date to outlaw them.

A Guide to Puppy Mills


Bees Or Other Critters in Your Yard Or at Home?

It’s All of Your Bees Wax—Swarm and Bee Colony Rescue
Bees’ lives are saved and the bees are released to new beekeepers
Located in Redwood City, CA
Call (650) 250-4787

WildCare Solution Service