Touchy-Feely Talks: Mini Lessons about fur, feathers, scales & scutes

Introduction to Touchy-Feely Talks

Playing with Your Senior Dog

Living with a Companion Rabbit

Absolute Best Way to Treat a Dog

Chickens Are Wonderful Pets

Tildie and Her Rat Mansion

Safe Way to Meet a Dog

I Spy with Pino Episode 2

Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

The Magnificent Macaw

Adoption Series


Educational Videos

interview of Carole Hyde - KSCO Pet Radio - July 2020

interview of Nicolette Hahn Niman - September 2009

interview of Author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masso - May 2009

interview of Dr. Lucy Spelman - October 2008

interview of filmmaker Joe Camp - August 21st 2008

Satish Kumar Interview, April 26,2008