Speaker Series: Humane Planet: Thought Leaders for a Sustainable World.

Scaling Animal Advocacy Through Innovation & Tech

Touchy-Feely Talks: Mini Lessons about fur, feathers, scales & scutes

Introduction to Touchy-Feely Talks

Playing with Your Senior Dog

Living with a Companion Rabbit

Absolute Best Way to Treat a Dog

Chickens Are Wonderful Pets

Tildie and Her Rat Mansion

I Spy with Pino

Safe Way to Meet a Dog

I Spy with Pino Episode 2

Tortoises Come In All Sizes

Chameleons Have Unusual Eyes

Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

The Magnificent Macaw

Indigo Snakes are Extra Curious

King Snakes are Harmless

Boa Constrictors Grow to 10 Feet

Meet a Uromastyx

Oyster, An Animal Rescue Fund Story

Adoption Series


Educational Videos

Spay and Neuter Silver Award Documentary

An Interview with Leonor Delgado

Animals Inspire Us!

Animals Inspire Us! Promotional Video

PAHS Service Project Week April 2021

Cupertino High School Service Project Documentary

Building an Outdoor Cat Shelter

PAHS Presents: Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Vandana Ravi – If Animals Could Tell Their Stories


Ambassadors of Compassion Writing Competition - PET RADIO interview with Carole Hyde

Rabbits as Companions - PET RADIO Interiew with Susan stienstra

Radio Interviews with Leonor Delgado About the PAHS Puppy Health Campaign

KXSF 102.5 FM Interview with Carole Hyde about Daisy's Day 2020

interview of Carole Hyde - KSCO Pet Radio - July 2020

interview of Nicolette Hahn Niman - September 2009

interview of Author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masso - May 2009

interview of Dr. Lucy Spelman - October 2008

interview of filmmaker Joe Camp - August 21st 2008

Satish Kumar Interview, April 26,2008