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Voice: High School

If Animals could tell their stories

Vandana Ravi

Vandana Ravi is a rising 10th grader attending Gunn High School. She is the winner of the 2019 Ambassadors of Compassion Story Writing Contest — her winning story raised awareness of the endangered animals in India.

Watch the video on the left, which Vandana created for PAHS and in which she talks about the process of writing about animals.

Vandana also served as a judge for the subsequent competitions in 2020 and 2021 and has accompanied PAHS at events featuring the Bol Park Donkeys

Watch Our Interview with Vandana
Kaspers dog magic

Kasper’s Dog, Magic

Kasper Halevy

Kasper Halvey is a rising sophomore attending St. Francis High School. Animal welfare is one of his top priorities.

When Kasper was in middle school, he founded and headed an animal advocacy club. He has also written a detailed report on puppy mills and has contributed to PAHS’ Telling Tail Tales education program with his story, “Rescued by Magic.”

He recently wrote an article about Major Biden, one of the two “first dogs,” that was featured on the PAHS Facebook page. Read the article here.

Watch our interview with kasper

Aaron Huang

Aaron is currently a sophomore at The Nueva School.

In 2019, Aaron won an honorable mention award in the PAHS Ambassadors of Compassion story writing contest, and in 2020, he placed first in this contest. He served as a judge in the 2021 competition.

Read Aaron's 2019 story, 'Neverending' READ AARON’s 2020 WINNING STORY, 'THE SUN'

Ankai Jin

Ankai is a rising 11th grade attending Palo Alto High School.

The story is called We’re All Connected

Read Ankai's Story

Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong is a rising 9th grade attending Castilleja High School.

Her story is called Timeline.

Read Natalie's Story

Upasana Halder

Upasana is a rising 10th grader attending Gunn High School.

The story is called Love Again for Animals.

Read Upsana's Story

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