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Safe Haven: Elementary

Keshav Ravi

Keshav Ravi

Keshav Ravi is currently a fifth-grader at Nixon Elementary School in Palo Alto. As part of Palo Alto Humane Society’s Student Special Reports education program, Keshav wrote an extended piece on the endangered mammals of India. He is a caring and compassionate student who has been fascinated by nature throughout his childhood. Keshav is a prolific reader and writer of non-fiction, and is always eager to share what he has learned with others.

Outside of his family, Keshav is thrilled to have the support of invested animal advocates, such as Carole Hyde and Leonor Delgado, at the Palo Alto Humane Society.

Read Keshav’s report, “Endangered Mammals of India.

Watch an interview with Keshav
Ava and Liam Gardner

Ava & Liam Gardner

Ava is attending Stevenson Elementary School in Mountain View, currently in second grade. When she was in first grade, she founded the Adoption Center Club, an organization that has helped local animals through holding plant sales and baking vegan biscuits for a special dog rescued from South Korea. The club also participated in Zoom-based sessions on a series of topics and videos caring for and helping pets and other animals.

Below is our interview with Ava and her younger brother Liam.

Watch their interview on youtube

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