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Educate: High School

Building an outdoor cat shelter

Avery Chin

Avery Chin is a rising junior at Los Altos High School who is not only an animal welfare advocate but also an Eagle Scout.

​For his Eagle Project, Avery partnered with the Palo Alto Humane Society to build cat shelters for feral cats.

​To the left is his informational video discussing the need for shelters and how to build them—the video has been praised by cat rescue groups!

Watch Our Interview with Avery
Kaspers dog magic

Kasper’s Dog, Magic

Kasper Halevy

Kasper Halvey is a rising sophomore attending St. Francis High School. Animal welfare is one of his top priorities.

When Kasper was in middle school, he founded and headed an animal advocacy club. He has also written a detailed report on puppy mills and has contributed to PAHS’ Telling Tail Tales education program with his story, “Rescued by Magic.”

He recently wrote an article about Major Biden, one of the two “first dogs,” that was featured on the PAHS Facebook page. Read the article here.

Watch our interview with kasper

Megha Madhabhushi and Caitlyn Oda

Both Megha and Caitlyn are juniors at Paly (Palo Alto High School), working as staff writers on Paly’s art and culture publication, C-Magazine. In March 2021, they interviewed PAHS’ education manager, Leonor Delgado, about trends in pet adoption during the Covid-19 pandemic to write “Adoption Craze.”

Read 'Adoption craze' here

Alexa de la Cruz

Alexa is currently a junior at Palo Alto High School.

During 2018, she partnered with Palo Alto Humane Society to create the video, Advice From Minnie, for her Girl Scout Silver Award.

watch 'advice from minnie' on youtube

Melody Lyu

Melody is a freshman at Paly (Palo Alto High School). During June 2021, she adopted a dog and interviewed Leonor Delgado, education manager at PAHS, focusing on the organization’s major achievements and outreach programs.

watch Melody's interview here

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