Palo Alto, CA

Name: Audrey Ginn; Title: Mr. Purr

Name: Audrey Huang; Title: He Understood

Name: Erin Lieberman-Evans; Title: Maxwell

Name: Jack Poon; Title: Leaving The Burrow

Name: Jay Iyer; Title: A Large Red Scar

Name: Michelle Koo; Title: Inside the Mind of a Gorilla

Name: Rahil Menon; Title: Stay Strong, Stay Golde

Name: Ryan Lee; Title: A Winter Miracle

Name: Sophie Amblard; Title: From Fearful to Fearless

Name: Sophia Vostrejs; Title: Flying My Fears Away

Los Altos, CA

Name: Ajay Krishnan; Title: Sandcastle

Name: Claire Su; Title: Ivy

Name: Grace Szalay; Title: Beyond the Smoke

Name: Kasper Halevy; Title: Rescued By Magic

Name: Manya Rohloff; Title: Compassion for Two

Name: Serena Hogben; Title: There For You

Name: Sophia Cheng; Title: The Return of a Friend

Name: Yonu Oh; Title: One with the Wind

Menlo Park, CA

Name: Ellen Forte; Title: Fetch!

Name: Megan Lam; Title: Compassion: A Unifying Trait in Animals and Humans

Name: Sarah Weintraut; Title: Hunting Season

Redwood city, CA

Name: Mia Rosales; Title: Two way street: Animals help People and People help Animals.

Mountain View, CA

Name: Ellie Ji; Title: How A Dog Changed My Life

Name: Matthew Torokhov; Title: The Brave Beavers

Name: Kaitlin Sarah Pratt; Title: The CRASH

Name: Sophie Noelle Burkhardt; Title: The Act of Dog

Sunnyvale, CA

Name: Celestiel Thomchick; Title: Roommates

Name: Jonathan Lee; Title: Open Arms

Name: Lorien White; Title: A Change of Fate

San Jose, CA

Name: Arissa Peters; Title: Can a Parrot Really Help You?

Name: Elowyn Ingler; Title: A Loyal Friend

Name: Madeleine Schmid; Title: Kiki

Name: Micaela Swift; Title: Colors of My Heart

Name: Natalie Guadarrama; Title: Dolphins and their breathtaking life

Name: Patrick Finnan; Title: Safe Haven

Name: Poem Schway; Title: Terror

Santa Clara, CA

Name: Aidan van Dalen; Title: Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Name: Amelie Roy; Title: Real Heroes

Name: Keya Patel; Title: My King

Name: Maria George; Title: You Would Do that Fur Me?

Monte Sereno, CA

Name: Eric Brown; Title: Someone To Love

Name: Nicole Mingelen; Title: The Animals at Bear Creek Stables

Foster City, CA

Name: Fiona Lu; Title: Returning Your Compassion

Name: Nila Kumaran; Title: Together at last

Fremont, CA

Name: Megan Murakami; Title: Full Circle

Pacifica, CA

Name: Clarise Audrey Wu; Title: The Race to Fit

Hayward, CA

Name: Isabella Maciel; Title: Because of Stanley