PAHS Therapy Paws

The Palo Alto Humane Society’s newest program PAHS Therapy Paws, connects our team of therapy dogs with local businesses, start-ups, local colleges, universities and senior residences, and provides them with a one-in-a-kind de-stress experience.

Attendees will also learn more about Palo Alto Humane Society (PAHS)—our mission and our different programs in education and community outreach as well as in veterinary intervention.

Our animal ambassadors—all gentle certified therapy dogs and people-friendly pets—offer the special kind of therapy that only a sensitive, loving animal can provide. It’s been shown that interacting with animals helps people feel less lonely, disheartened, or anxious and alleviates stress, producing an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Contact Arlene Esquivias at PAHS to schedule an event with your team and our therapy dogs:

(650) 424-1901 or

Suggested Donation: $500.00

Our growing list of participants includes: