Humane Planet Speaker Series presents: Martha Nussbaum

In case you missed last week’s Humane Planet Speaker Series’ virtual event, we invite you to watch the link below as Martha Nussbaum’s talk delved into the complexities of animal rights and ethics, centering around her capabilities approach. She highlighted the flaws in the “so like us” and utilitarian approaches, advocating for a more holistic perspective on animal welfare. Nussbaum called for global efforts to combat poaching, end factory farming, and transition to alternatives like lab-grown meat.

During the Q&A, Nate Salpeter from Sweet Farm discussed the continuous assessment of animals’ lives at the sanctuary. Nussbaum shared her personal connection to elephants and whales, emphasizing the meaningfulness of their lives. The discussion expanded to alternative proteins, addressing health, environmental impact, and moral questions. Nussbaum stressed the need for innovative solutions and emphasized the importance of considering the well-being and life of animals.

The conversation also touched on legal standing for animals, with Nussbaum highlighting the significance of animals having standing in court. She addressed challenges in changing the trajectory of factory farming, emphasizing the need for more politicians advocating for animal rights. The nuanced concept of tragic conflicts was explored, acknowledging the difficulty of resolving situations where all choices seem morally compromised.

In response to a question about the most effective approach to reducing meat consumption, Nussbaum emphasized instilling wonder in children about animals and fostering an appreciation for the diversity of animal life.

Watch the full speaker event below, and stay tuned for future events from Humane Planet Speaker Series, in partnership with Sweet Farm and ZOOM Marketing. Special thank you to our event sponsors, Acterra and SolPods.

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