News from PAHS—We’re Not Pressing the Pause Button During Covid-19!

By Leonor Delgado, PAHS Education Manager

In this difficult time of social distancing for the good of all, when we’re not available in person at our office, PAHS has not pressed Pause. Far from it!

We’re continuing our work in advocating for animal welfare, underwriting veterinary care for homeless/rescued animals and the pets of low-income local residents as well as those now affected by Covid-19. We’re also expanding our education outreach to provide home-based lessons and videos for our audience of students of all ages and teachers, and now parents tasked with home schooling. And we’re keeping our friends, supporters, and donors updated on our efforts.

We continue to post information about animal welfare issues and campaigns for which you can lend your support. We also offer advice about caring for animals during this “down time”—as you know, it’s never down time for the animals, whether we’re addressing pet-related matters or animal welfare concerns and policies. We’re giving advice periodically about spending quality time with our pets as we distance from each other. Check our Facebook page and our website ( for related postings.

Jelly, one of the cats recently helped by PAHS through the Pet Help program. Special thanks to Jelly’s owner for this photo.

Please contact us, as always, about strays and homeless animals in our local communities who need help. You can always phone our hotline at (650) 424-1901 or contact us through email at We’re responding in a timely fashion to email messages and answering the phone during regular office hours (Monday through Friday from 9 to 5). We’re checking for messages (both voicemail and email) after hours and on weekends. We’re on call to answer your questions, and when needed, provide help with veterinary care and advice about rescue. Kitten season will soon be upon us, if it isn’t already, and we’re around to offer advice about cats and kittens and, whenever possible, do our best to provide solutions for kittens and moms who are in need.

Our education offerings are unfolding as I write this blog post. We’ve formed a team of staff, volunteers, and experts in animal care, humane education, technology, and social media outreach to provide a steady stream of information for a diverse audience—interested students, home-schooling parents, teachers who reach out to their students online, and people who are interested in learning more about animals.

Opening screen for Touchy–Feely Talks, designed by Arlene Esquivias.


In fact, by the time this blog “hits the press,” we will have debuted our new video series, Touchy–Feely Talks: Fur, Feather, Scales & Scutes. This new series, available on YouTube, will introduce learners of all ages to fun facts about all the different kinds of animals our communities welcome into their homes and surroundings as pets and friendly animals. Keep posted through our social media platforms—Facebook and our website (—for more news about our videos.

Throughout this crisis PAHS will update you about our efforts on all fronts to improve the lives of animals and provide a variety of creative efforts when reaching out to our expanding audience. Thank you for your ongoing support.