Sonoma Goes to Little Veterinary School Summer Camp!

On Monday, July 17, Sonoma accompanied his person Dorothy Fletcher on a visit to Little Veterinary School Summer Camp held at Escondido Elementary on the Stanford University campus. Sonoma is an 11-year old mobility service dog from CCI (Canine Companions for Independence), and he helps Dorothy at home and in the greater community.

Dorothy and Sonoma showed the campers some of the many tasks he performs to make life easier for her—picking up items she has dropped, sitting on command, accompanying her as she moves around, and retrieving his leash. Dorothy explained that Sonoma has also been trained to open doors and press elevator buttons. The campers learned about the best way to behave around a working service dog and the safest way to meet and greet a new dog. They had many questions for Dorothy about service dogs in general and Sonoma in particular.

As for Sonoma, he was very happy to meet so many new admirers! He gave doggy kisses in response to gentle pets, held out a paw for handshakes, and let everyone know how much he enjoys belly rubs. There’s Sonoma on the left, waiting for a belly rub!

There will be two additional Palo Alto-based summer camps—one for the week of July 24, and one for the week of July 31. PAHS will be in attendance to introduce the campers to service dogs the week of July 24 and rescued dogs and farm animals the week of July 31. These camps will be held at Cubberley Community Center.