Shannon Teaches Critter Club About Dog Care

Young participants (second and third graders) in Critter Club at Beyond the Bell at Theuerkauf Elementary in Mountain View spent the February 2 session learning about dogs and best practices in caring for canine companions. They first viewed PAHS’ Telly Award-winning short film “It’s a Dog’s Day”, which, through an ingenious combination of puppet artistry, circus art, mime, and dogs trained in theater performance, tells the story of a sad dog rescued by a caring community and sets the stage for a discussion about what dogs need to be happy and healthy family members.

The students were then introduced to Shannon and watched how her person Rhea cared for Shannon as she brushed her coat and teeth (Shannon was very cooperative—see the photo to the left). They ended the session by joining Rhea in songs about pet care and kindness to animals and then learned the best ways to pet a dog! Shannon was very pleased with the day’s activities!