Rin Closes Critter Club at Theuerkauf

Critter Club at Theuerkauf Elementary in Mountain View was a special treat for the final session held on February 16. In addition to receiving a club t-shirt and certificate of completion, the second and third graders from Beyond the Bell participating in this winter’s Critter Club, met Rin, a dog rescued in Mongolia, where her person Chris Corvetti was a Peace Corps volunteer and teacher for two years.

Chris shared photos of Mongolia and Rin and explained how she rescued Rin, a Mongolian taiga dog puppy mixed with other breeds, from the streets and raised her to become a service dog. Rin now accompanies Chris in classrooms and at other venues where Chris speaks about life in Mongolia and local environmental issues. Chris is currently an intern at Grassroots Ecology in Palo Alto.

Rin was pleased to meet and greet each student individually and very happily joined in class photos. PAHS and the students thank Chris and Rin for making the Critter Club finale a very memorable occasion.