Q&A at Synapse School

PAHS was invited by Synapse School in Menlo Park to participate in an April 12 Q&A session with a group of Level 3 students working on projects to help pets and local wildlife. Because the pedagogical approach at the school is based on project-driven learning, students were encouraged to ask questions that were meaningful to their group projects and would provide insight and encourage additional opportunities for research. The PAHS Education Manager Leonor Delgado attended a session to answer these questions.

The students are continuing their work to help animals, but at the close of the session they were ready to contribute a donation of cat wand toys to PAHS. These toys will benefit kittens in the care of Community Cat Rescue (CCR), a mid-Peninsula group always on the PAHS radar. The people at CCR, as well as us at PAHS, thank the students for their concern and efforts to help local rescues.