PAWS 2 PAHS Volunteers Visit Stanford Campus

Cody, one of our veteran PAWS 2 PAHS canine volunteers, accompanied his person Kathy on a visit to Willis Lounge on the Stanford University campus. The purpose of this January 31 visit was to provide a short break for Stanford graduate students in the Rains graduate student housing complex to relax with Cody, a trained therapy dog, and engage in conversation with the people accompanying Cody—Kathy, Leonor (the PAHS Education Manager), and Sofia, the Rains Community Associate, who requested the visit.

Cody proved to be an excellent companion for relaxation, and he enjoyed snuggles and pets while we humans exchanged information about PAHS’ programs as well as the Stanford experience and different graduate majors. We thank Sofia for providing this very pleasant opportunity to meet and chat and we hope to participate again soon in additional similar gatherings on the Stanford campus.

Students in challenging programs in high schools, colleges, and universities welcome opportunities to meet and greet therapy dogs. PAHS offers such visits as part of our community outreach and educational programs, and we’re happy to receive requests.