PAWS 2 PAHS Volunteers at Lytton Gardens

Volunteers Kathy Merkle-Raymond and Sarah Clementson joined PAHS and a group of residents at Lytton Gardens the afternoon of March 22. Accompanying Kathy and Sarah were their respective canine companions—Cody, a toy Australian Shepherd trained as a therapy/service dog, and Ani, a laid-back Golden Retriever with a big heart and welcoming demeanor for people of all ages. This visit was Ani’s first as a PAHS 2 PAWS canine volunteer, and she and Cody were warmly received by all.

Residents enjoyed the opportunity to have their questions about dog care answered and to meet both dogs. Cody sat in residents’ laps and gave kisses, while Ani enjoyed soothing pets. PAHS thanks Lytton Gardens for the invitation to visit the residents again. We hope to return in the near future.