PAHS Visits St. Francis High School to Speak About Advocacy for Animals

On Tuesday, March 7, PAHS Humane Educator Leonor Delgado visited a joint meeting of the Animal Welfare and Environmental Clubs at St. Francis High School in Mountain View to talk about PAHS’ involvement in animal advocacy issues on a national and local scale. Leonor highlighted PAHS’ long history of advocacy in such issues as prohibiting the sale of foie gras, supporting California State Proposition 2 with ultimate goal of housing chickens in humane cage-free environments, taking a stand against using animals in circuses, and banning cruelty to elephants in circuses and parades.

The main focus of the discussion, however, was on the recent Robert Farmer trial in San Jose, in which PAHS has been an active player in support of Farmer’s victims. Farmer has pleaded guilty to 21 counts of felony animal cruelty, and his case has been covered extensively in the San Jose Mercury News, as well as in local television newscasts. PAHS was interviewed at the end of 2016 for an article in BBC Sciencethat drew parallels between the Farmer case and widespread cruelty against cats in the London area. Ongoing updates about the Farmer case can be found at Justice for our CATZ.