PAHS Finishes the Year at Duveneck

In the fall of 2016 PAHS and the Palo Alto Unified School District Art Department piloted a special humane education program at Duveneck Elementary School in which a small group of students interested in learning more about dogs met with companion animals accompanied by representatives from PAHS. Guided by their teacher, the students prepared lists of questions for discussion about the background, care, responsibilities, and benefits of having a canine companion. They also became engaged in photographing the visiting dogs and developed their photographic skills with both iPads and digital cameras.

The program was supposed to have ended in 2016, but the students requested one additional session with their favorite dog, Cody, before the end of the academic year. This session took place on Tuesday, May 30. Friendships with Cody and his person Kathy were renewed, and good-byes were said. We hope to participate in a similar program at Duveneck this coming fall.