PAHS at Playworks Community Engagement Initiative Event

Along with Mountain View Whisman District’s Beyond the Bell, PAHS’ presence was requested at a Playworks Community Engagement Initiative event during afterschool hours on Friday, May 12, atTheuerkauf Elementary. Playworks provides after-school activities designed to teach new games and offer leadership opportunities for students. Community Engagement Initiatives are intended to bring the community together while filling a community need. Playworks’ purpose in inviting PAHS was to meet Theuerkauf Elementary students’ need for relaxing, as well as educational, time spent with friendly dogs.

The outdoor setting at Theuerkauf was perfect for this kind of event! Cody and Ani, two of PAHS’ canine volunteers and experienced therapy dogs in their own right, fit the bill, as did their people, Kathy Merkle-Raymond and Sarah Clementson. Kathy and Sarah answered students’ questions about dog care and Cody and Ani in particular, while Cody and Ani provided very rewarding cuddling and petting time. We enjoyed meeting new students and renewing acquaintances with former Critter Club attendees.

PAHS thanks Playworks Coach Christina McChesney, Beyond the Bell Program Supervisor Erika Navarro and Theuerkauf Program Lead Alicia Meza, and Theuerkauf Principal Ryan Santiago for the opportunity to participate in this most rewarding community event.