Northside Library Teams Up with SVACA, PAHS

Northside Library Teams Up with SVACA, PAHS” is the title of an article that appeared in the April 14–April 20 edition of the Santa Clara Weekly. Melissa McKenzie from the Weekly reported on a growing partnership among all three organizations that began with celebrations around “April Drool’s Day” held the morning of Saturday, April 1, at the Northside Branch of the Santa Clara City Library, then moving to Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA) in Santa Clara for the afternoon.

The “April Drool’s Day” event was largely educational in scope, with the showing of animal-themed films at the library, including PAHS’ Telly Award-winning short film, It’s a Dog’s Day, followed by Kiddies 2 Kitties sessions in the afternoon at the shelter. Kiddies 2 Kitties is a shelter-based reading program for students of all ages promoted by PAHS through an agreement with SVACA.

McKenzie highlighted the success of the event through interviews with parents and children who emphasized their very positive experience with the Kiddies 2 Kitties program. Thanks to the Weekly staff for keeping the public updated on PAHS-sponsored humane education programs!