Menlo–Atherton Humane Club Learns About Factory Farming

The Humane Club at Menlo–Atherton High School welcomed Isabelle Knudde from Clorofil to their meeting on February 23. Clorofil is a local group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of factory-farmed egg-laying hens, and disseminating data about raising and caring for chickens. Isabelle’s presentation featured little-known facts about chickens and hens followed by a discussion of animal cruelty in the egg industry. Her talk was accompanied by a series of informative slides. The club members, two of whom have raised and care for chickens at home, asked insightful questions about the effects of factory farming on the environment as well as ways to distinguish among different kinds of packaging featuring eggs produced by “free-roaming” hens.

Thank you, Isabelle, for addressing these students. We hope to welcome you back to learn more about distinguishing among good and harmful agricultural practices.