Jordan Music Students Meet Cody

On Wednesday, May 17, Cody and his person Kathy Merkle-Raymond accompanied PAHS Education Manager Leonor Delgado to the music students’ homeroom at Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto. These students participate in choir or band activities. Under the guidance of Monica Covitt, their homeroom teacher and choir director at Jordan, they had been engaged in a semester-long discussion of ways to show kindness to others, including animals.

Cody, a trained service dog, sensed the students’ warm reception and eagerness to meet him. He had a wonderful time visiting each student and showing his appreciation, mostly through doggie kisses. The students learned about Cody’s work as a service dog who visits schools, after-school programs, senior residences and centers, and hospitals as well as people who are in hospice care or are recuperating from illnesses or surgery at home.

PAHS thanks the students for their kind donation of pet food, which has already been distributed among cat feeders and dog adoption groups.