Finale at Monta Loma Critter Club

Thursday, April 27, marked the final session of Critter Club at Monta Loma Elementary in Mountain View. For a total of five weeks PAHS partnered with the Mountain View Whisman District Beyond the Bell to offer Critter Club sessions on important issues in humane education—kindness to all, best practices in care for pets, safety around dogs, cats in homes and in the community, tasks performed by animal shelters, and animals who help in our communities (with a focus on work done by police department canine units).

At the final session Officer Curtis Lau of the Mountain View Police Department addressed the club with the aide of Thor, his canine partner. The students were very excited to meet Thor! They bombarded Officer Lau with questions about his work and Thor’s on-the-job responsibilities, training, and likes and dislikes. The session concluded with a photo op of students wearing their new Critter Club t-shirts and holding their certificates of completion accompanied by Officer Lau and Thor, followed by an opportunity to pet Thor.