Ani Makes Her Critter Club Debut!

Ani, an older rescued Golden Retriever, was the featured guest for Thursday, May 11, at Critter Club at Beyond the Bell at Landels Elementary in Mountain View. Ani’s favorite pastime is cuddling with people who like her, and there was no absence of affection between Ani and the second and third graders who met her that day.

The students were eager to learn about Ani—her likes and dislikes and special care she needed—and Ani’s person, Sarah Clementson, was happy to provide responses to their questions.

In addition to meeting, petting, and cuddling with Ani, students viewed the PAHS short movie, It’s a Dog’s Day, and were briefed on basic pointers around dog body language and safety around dogs. The session was a fun one for all, human and canine alike.