A Host of Girl Scout Troops Help Cats

The afternoon of Friday, May 5, a gathering of five local Girl Scout troops (60762, 60393, 60416, 60402, 60484, and 60446, representing Scouts from grades K through 5, respectively) hosted a session about cats at Oak Avenue Elementary in Los Altos. PAHS Humane Education Manager Leonor Delgado answered questions about understanding and communicating with our pet cats by recognizing their body language, as well as pet care in general and ways in which local volunteers and rescuers help community cats.

The Scouts gave PAHS a generous monetary donation in addition to a large number of handcrafted wand toys for cats and kittens (see the photo to the left). Local adoption groups are delighted with these toys, reporting that they have been a big hit with their rescued cats and kittens. A special thank-you to the Scouts for their generosity and interest in helping cats!