EARTH DAY—APRIL 22, 2021What steps can you take to help the Earth? We invite yo…

What steps can you take to help the Earth? We invite you to share ideas about changes you’ve made, but first read about…

Bunny Laundry

Susan Stienstra, the PAHS rabbit educator, tells us: “I wash a lot of what I call ‘bunny laundry.’ Brownie is more than 9 years old, and sometimes he misses his litter box. I layer his living area with cotton towels, a practical method of providing a safe and comfortable surface for his aged little body.”

“To cut down on plastic, I replaced the large tub of laundry detergent with a paper envelope-type package filled with biodegradable, unscented laundry sheets, enough to wash 60 loads. I just LOVE this change! The sheets dissolve completely in cold water, and there’s no heavy and cumbersome plastic jug to dispose of. The towels are clean, with no heavy artificial scent. I feel good about making a positive change that benefits my rabbit and myself and is Earth friendly.”

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