YCS – I Meets PAHS

The afternoon of Friday, November 20, a group of Palo Alto middle school students participating in Youth Community Service’s Interactive program under the leadership of Mickaela Bernardo met via Zoom with PAHS education manager Leonor Delgado to talk about the importance of advocacy and adoption to save shelter animals and writing about service projects, volunteering to help animals, and ways in which animals, especially our pets, have enriched our lives.

They watched two videos, Importance of Animal Adoption and If Animals Could Tell Their Stories.

Mickaela also read aloud Kasper Halevy’s story, “Rescued by Magic”, that forms part of our new storytelling education program, Telling Tail Tales. If you’re a middle school or high school student interested in writing for PAHS, contact us at: pahs@paloaltohumane.org.