TODAY IS THE DAY TO GET ANIMALS OUT OF US CIRCUSES! Read this posting and take action!



Read this posting and take action!

TODAY IS THE DAY TO GET ANIMALS OUT OF US CIRCUSES! The elephants, bears, tigers, lions, and monkeys that are chained and confined in American circuses need your help and the time is now. YOU ARE THE VOICE OF THESE ANIMALS & THEIR ONLY HOPE. They spend years in chains and cages and are beaten and electric shocked to teach them tricks – today they just need a few minutes of time. We need as many messages as possible to be sent to members of Congress asking them to co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal & Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA, HR2863/S2121), to prohibit the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses. The more messages that arrive from constituents on the same day (or within days – if you really can’t find time today) the greater the impact and the louder the voice for these animals. It takes minutes to take action – TWO NEW SPONSORS TODAY – KEEP THEM COMING:

1. Click on this
2. Enter the first line of your address and zip code will bring up your Senators and Representatives.
3. Send our template email – include a personal message if you can, saying why you care.

You can also message members of Congress via Twitter, Facebook, and call them by phone. If a Member of Congress has already signed up then a special thank you message will be automatically generated for you to send – it’s important for them to know there is support for their action.
Almost 50 countries have now passed laws similar to TEAPSPA and more have committed to do so. Isn’t it time the United States caught up?

#FederalCircusBill #StopCircusSuffering #TEAPSPA #SupportTEAPSPA

ANIMAL PROTECTION GROUPS UNITED BEHIND TEAPSPA: Animal Defenders International, Alliance for Animals, Animal Protection and Rescue League, Animal Rights Coalition, Big Cat Rescue, Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Colorado Voters for Animals, The Elephant Advocacy Project – Formerly Savenoseynow. org, Free All Captive Elephants – FACE, In Defense of Animals, Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, Lions Tigers & Bears, Last Chance for Animals (LCA), Marin Humane, North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, NARN ( Northwest Animal Rights Network ), Palo Alto Humane Society, “Peace 4 Animals”, Social Compassion In Legislation, Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC), World Animal News, Western Mass. Animal Rights Advocates (WMARA), BEATCA Ban of Exotic Animals in Travelling Circus Acts, Save Nosey NOW


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