PAHS Visits Cubberley Community Center’s Exhibition and Workshop in Homage …

PAHS Visits Cubberley Community Center‘s Exhibition and Workshop in Homage to Cats

PAHS people stopped by the evening of Saturday, November 9, for the exhibit reception. We were thrilled to meet guest artist Junko Tsuchida whose installation, “184 Days with Roy,” features 184 of her graphite Roy portraits. The drawings are displayed on cards, reminiscent of a wall calendar, and connected by a red thread, which the artist recognizes as a powerful symbol of fate and attachment for soulmates in Japanese culture. Roy was a rescued cat saved by Ms. Tsuchida and her husband in 2000, and he passed away in 2017.

PAHS is very lucky—the artist gifted us one of the portraits of Roy, shown below. Thank you, Ms. Tsuchida, for the wonderful gift and the opportunity to meet you and your husband.

And now a word from the artist: “As the guest artist to present my drawings, I would like to thank Pantea Karimi who organized this exhibition. She is one of the Cubberley Artist Studio Program members. She has helped me and supported me to make this exhibition come true.”

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