Blind and Deaf Cat Needs Placement! Phoenix, AZ, but can be driven up to 500 m…

Blind and Deaf Cat Needs Placement!
Phoenix, AZ, but can be driven up to 500 miles from location. If you can help, please contact Dana Linder at

Meet Pancake! Here is what her people tell us:

I am reaching out to your organization to see if you have any way of helping with placement of a blind and deaf cat that we found on the street. She was at one time captured as a stray, spayed, had her ear clipped and returned to the wild. How she survived after losing her sight and hearing we cannot imagine. She was emaciated and weak when we found her but has gained some weight and seems otherwise healthy.

Since finding her we have had to move and no longer are able to keep her. We want her to go someone who can give her a forever home but as of yet have not been able to find one or in most cases, even get a response from anyone.

When first found we could not touch her at all, she seemed completely feral. It took a while but now that she has realized she is safe, she is affectionate and loves to be petted and brushed. She is 100% litter box trained and has not once has an accident. She eats wet and dry food and has a good appetite. Other than the deafness and blindness, she seems perfectly healthy. We do not have the funds to take her to a vet for a complete examination.

She is smart and when we tap on the floor she knows it is time to be brushed and comes out to meet us. She loves to explore but right now she live in a cat tree in a closet but in a better home we know she could learn more.

We know that your organization may not be the one who could help her but we are hoping that if you cannot help you may know of someone who could. We would be able to drive her as far as 500 miles to get her to a new home and/or assist with some expenses.

She is a pretty and sweet girl and we would appreciate any help or contacts you can give.

Thank you so very much

We are in Phoenix, AZ, but will get her where she needs to go.

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