We must find a home for this boy! Please contact Alana if you can help Mr. Mom—…

We must find a home for this boy!

Please contact Alana if you can help Mr. Mom—alana.shoars@comcast.net

Here’s Alana’s story about Mr. Mom:

We got a call that some friendly kittens and a mama cat had been dumped and set up home in a sewer on the outskirts of a new construction residential area. The area has a terrible coyote problem and most of the small animals in the area have been wiped out. As you can see by the one picture, there is absolutely no vegetation to hide in, just the sewer. It is barren. Somehow this small mama cat kept her two kittens alive until a Good Samaritan rescued them. But mama cat was left behind, as is often the case. It’s easier for people to rescue kittens than adults and mama was wary from being dumped. We were able to trap mama cat and to our great surprise on the day she was to be fixed, we found out that she was a he. This docile shy small cat is a male and yet he protected and made sure that the two kittens got food (he hunted lizards for them) and remained safe. That’s pretty special and rare for a male to do. He did let some people pet him at the sewer.

We are looking for a very special home and/or long term foster for Mr. Mom because he cannot live in the drain when the rainy season hits. The drain is at the base of a large hill and he would drown. He is very shy at the moment and traumatized after losing both his kittens and his sewer home. He is very lonely and needs lots of love and time to trust again, but he does like other cats. He has never growled or acted aggressively at any time. He cries pitifully and just tries to hide in his carrier. We do not have the right long term space for him. All we have is a large cage and he needs more than that.

It will take Mr. Mom time to trust people again, but other cats and kittens are no problem. We would love to find an understanding indoor only home for him, but we know this might not be possible. We feel he would do fine as a garage kitty or backyard kitty with a 2–4 week re-homing period. We can lend a large cage for this process and help in other ways.

Please contact us if you think you can find room in your heart, home, garage, or backyard for this very unusual and special male mama cat.

Mr. Mom is a Maine Coon mix cat who is approximately 9–12 months old. He has been neutered, de-wormed, and de-flead and had his shots.

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