Frasier Needs a Caring Home Please contact Danielle at Danielle.e.smith574@gmail…

Frasier Needs a Caring Home
Please contact Danielle at if you want to meet Frasier. Danielle is fostering wonderful Frasier, and here’s what she says about him:
“He is such a people’s man. He has the most outgoing, fun-loving personality I have ever encountered in a cat. When someone new comes around he will wander into the room trilling for an introduction. He likes to bound around at times and play with ribbons and fishy poles, or will even chase a bell ball around on the hardwood alone. He is also a complete lounge mate and will chill on the couch with you as you watch TV. He loves to give head butts to snuggle, and will nestle in under your chin to curl up right into any free nooks. He is a purr box when he is getting rubies, and will drool for a massage! His favorite place will always be with his human.

When there is commotion in the house, he will usually join in from a visible spot in the room so that he can feel like he is part of the action and survey the whole scene. If you give him attention, he will always come back for more, but is happy just being with the group as well. Frasier is more than anything, a people oriented cat, but he does get along with any other kitties. He is more playful when other cats are in the picture, and will initiate friendly wrestling and tumbling, so it would be best for the other kitty to have enough energy to get on with him. He is a little puma.

That said, he does not have a single mean bone in his body – towards humans or other animals. When I was introducing him to my cat, she was quite resistant, hissing at him, scratching and biting, etc.. and all he would ever do is recover and then go back and continue to try to play, no claws/ no teeth. He would be a good cat to have with children in the house as well, as he is very patient – I have never seen him lash out. Since he is so outgoing, he would probably be fine with dogs as well, though they need to be kitty safe! No first timers, please.

Frasier is a medium-large, black/brown, short-haired, domestic tabby. He is neutered and FIV negative.”

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