Chief tells us about his experience at Costano Elementary with Palo Alto Humane …

Chief tells us about his experience at Costano Elementary with Palo Alto Humane Society!

Chiefie and I are volunteers for the Palo Alto Humane Society. What we do is really cool…
Chiefie and I go visit schools and help children of all ages learn about service animals and their awesome jobs ?
We are PAWS 2 PAHS canine education volunteers.
They have feline volunteers, too ☺️
Check out the awesome bunch of furry volunteers in this link – just scroll down and you’ll see Chiefie and all the other awesome critters ?

Chiefie loves! representing and showing off and getting lots of love in the classrooms.
He finds it to be an important part of his work, I guess.
Me, too ☺️

The children are really awesome and we always have a bit of a show in which they can participate and do some task work with Chief.
I let him get medication, open and close cupboard doors, pick up items, take off clothing, retrieve things, take little emergency cards from one person to another, and more, and they can give him treats and snuggle him.
But we also teach them about service dog etiquette, do education and talk about the different types of working dogs.
The children get to share their thoughts, too, which makes it lively and fun☺️
At the end, I also give them a little fun bunch of copies, which are like a little kids book that I made.
That way they can read again later and look at pictures and show their friends and families or just keep it as a memory ?
As a little treat, they always get so see the movie, which they love ☺️?

Today was much fun and it was especially special, because our friend Colt and her service dog Kaline and good old retired Juno! could come, too!
They’re as much fun and just like Chief, Kaline is a show off and loves sharing his task work and impeccable behavior with the kids. And he loves the cuddles and the treats ?
At the end they all got to give the dogs some yummies as a thank you and good bye gesture, which is always the highlight ☺️
Plus the kids learn about proper interaction with dogs in the process ☺️
Win – Win

I really admire the group within the PAHS for organizing such well planned events and I also appreciate their time and effort and love they put into their works.
I also appreciate the teachers, who care enough to provide such an amazing education program and I appreciate those amazing children, who give their time to join.
They’re really committed and engaged for the time we visit and that makes it big time fun ??
Enjoy the photos – I put stickers over the faces, because of privacy ☺️

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