More about the Farmer case and Friday’s court appearance—please support us!NEXT …

More about the Farmer case and Friday’s court appearance—please support us!


FARMER’S court hearing where the two witnesses will testify is on

FRIDAY, April 7th , 2017, 9:00 AM
Superior Court Hall of Justice
190 West Hedding Street
Dept 39-6th floor
San Jose, CA
First we want to thank you all for standing with us to see justice be served for the cats that fell prey to Robert Farmer. As you know, Farmer has pled guilty to all charges. This includes 21 counts of felony animal abuse and 2 misdemeanors. We couldn’t have done this without you. Together we proved that if enough people care about achieving justice, we’ll receive it, but we’re not finished yet.
The Judge reserved Friday for our case. It will be the only one that day and will ascertain whether or not Farmer should be registered as a sex offender based on two witnesses testimony. The testimonies will be provided by the SJ Animal Control Examiner, Doctor Ostermann and the defense psychologist, Mr. Winkle who interviewed Robert Farmer. Experts for both sides are expected to testify at Farmer’s next hearing at 9am sharp. If you’re planning on coming make sure to show up early. It would be great if we fill the courtroom with our presence.
Sentencing is up to the judge now. There is still a possibility that Farmer won’t get the punishment he deserves . The Judge has the power to let him walk free. We are asking again for your help. Please attend the hearing and show the judge that we still care and that we believe Farmer should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t let Farmer and his expensive lawyer win their game by perpetually delaying the sentencing. We can’t let him get off easy. So, please find a way to be there. Bring someone with you, and if you can, share on your social media accounts.

With much gratitude and respect!
Members of Justice for Catz & Justice for our Catz

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