Our successful 2020 virtual Daisy’s Day event raised over $91,000 and was a result of many generous people like you who donated to support Daisy’s Fund. 

On behalf of Daisy’s animal friends who have received our help in the past, and those who will need it in the future, we thank you for your generous support of the Daisy Fund.

Thank you!  Your gracious generosity will help make sure all animals can receive the critical attention and care they may need, especially during these trying times.  We are very grateful for your contribution, involvement and support.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

The Palo Alto Humane Society

Daisy's Day Sponsors

PAHS extends a heartfelt thank you to our repeat sponsors, whose contributions made it possible to provide lifesaving and preventative veterinary care for 254 animals in crisis and care and support for 165 abandoned/homeless dogs and cats.

PAHS is happy to partner with DogTrekker.com (and their new mobile app) that includes 10,000 listings, making DogTrekker your ultimate guide to all things dog-friendly in California.

PAHS is happy to partner with the Bay Woof Foundation whose mission is to support the love and care of our canine companions and enhance the lives that we share with them. Please join their informative and entertaining monthly publication for dogs and their people at www.baywoof.org

Thank to All Our 2020 Sponsors:

Daisy's Story

The inspiration for this day is Daisy, a precious dog, abandoned in a local shelter, scrawny and terrified. Daisy eventually blossomed into a trusting and healthy family dog. When Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge, her owner set up Daisy’s Fund with Palo Alto Humane Society with the goal that pets in our community receive the veterinary care needed.

Some of the ways your donation could help save a life include the critical veterinary procedures listed below:

  • $100: exam fees, pain medications, low-cost spay/neuter surgery
  • $250: urgent office visit, lab fees, x-rays, end of life care
  • $500: an ultrasound, basic wound care, blood tests, cast/splints
  • $1000: overnight care, minor surgery, diagnosis/treatment of serious conditions
  • $2500: more extensive surgery, acute, life-threatening medical conditions
  • $5000: emergency surgery, major fracture repairs, critical inpatient care and treatment

See How The Daisy Fund Saves Lives

Saving A Pet’s Life – Veterinary Assistance Program [4 min, 30 sec]

Saving a Pet’s Life – Betsy [30 seconds]

Saving a Pet’s Life – Betsy [60 seconds]

Saving a Pet’s Life – PB [65 Seconds]

Saving a Pet’s Life – Smoka [35 seconds]

Saving a Pet’s Life – Smoka [65 seconds]